Golden Teacher Mushrooms

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The origin of the Golden Teacher is not known but its rumoured to have been discovered growing in a pile of dung and straw on a horse ranch in Georgia. The name comes from the admirable golden colour of the caps and and so-called teaching capacities. Golden Teachers are a great choice for first time trippers as they are known to provide a euphoric, blissful experience.

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4 reviews for Golden Teacher Mushrooms

  1. Jason L

    Well packaged, fast shipping! Haven’t tried them yet

  2. Amrit

    Really impressed with the quality. Such pretty fruits! Did a little at teh beach and they were very nice vibes

  3. Danielle B

    We did a small ceremony with these and the energy of these mushrooms was so lovely. Shipping was fast and the oz was all nice size, well cured mushrooms. Highly recommend!

  4. Stace

    Gorgeous!!! Haven’t done them yet but wow

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