Neuro Botanicals Brain Formula microdose capsules

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Neuro Botanicals most popular microdose formula. Based on the Paul Stamets stack, this synergistic blend of Lions Mane, Niacin and Golden Teacher mushrooms, is designed to promote neurogenesis.  Also shown to treat symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.


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Neuro Botanicals most popular formula. Based on the theories of Paul Stamets, this synergistic blend of Lions Mane, Niacin and Golden Teacher mushrooms, is designed to promote neurogenesis. Results show Brain Formula to greatly reduce the symptoms of mood disorders while improving interpersonal relationships, outlook, and general well being. If your new to microdosing and interested in a wide range of benefits, this is where to begin your journey.

30 capsules per container


Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus)……………….. 425mg
Golden Teacher (Psilocybe cubensis)………………50mg
Niacin (nicotinic acid)……………………………………25mg

Capsule quantity

10, 30

7 reviews for Neuro Botanicals Brain Formula microdose capsules

  1. Kate

    These changed my life! I’m not a slave to my depression and anxiety anymore!

  2. RyanW

    Well packaged, great product, fast shipping! Recommended A+++

  3. Yaspal W

    So thankful I can buy microdoses online! Really professional and I’m loving the effects… I’m getting these for all my friends.

  4. Raj

    Really well made product. The microdose formula recomended by Paul Staments and other experts. I got the 10 pack that comes in pouch that didn’t have as much info as the bottles seem to but all the details are online so not a big deal.

  5. Dani

    I’ve been struggling with depression for years! I wanted to try microdosing but just wasn’t sure how to get mushrooms or who to trust. Luckly I found Neuro Botanicals on instagram and they really helped me through the whole process. I’ve been taking the Brain Formula for a month now and I feel like my brain has been rewired. And it feels integrated. Like I’m not going back to that depressed state. Everyone keeps telling me to keep doing whatever I’m doing. Thanks DOSE!

  6. Johnny F

    love the new packaging. nice work neuro botanicals!

  7. Ryan T

    Fast shipping thanks! I got the 10 pack to try but am getting a bottle now!

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